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90210 (2.0). Observations.

After watching last night's episode, I'm not sure if I liked it because I was being nostalgic or because it was actually good. Let's review.

The first exciting reference was to Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez, love child of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez. I found that entire relationship to be quite awkward on the original show, but perhaps their spawn will make for a good host of the West Beverly news.

The next super fun reference was made to Erin Silver, Kelly Taylor's little sister, daughter of Jackie Taylor and Mel Silver, also half-sister to David Silver. Ok, so I'm kinda slow, but it took me a minute to realize she insisted on being called "Silver" because it's her last name, not because it's random and cool.

Maybe I'm a little naive, but how is it that a girl who is barely 16 buys her buddy an $800 dress, gets into "The Pit", goes drinking, and has a tattoo? Mm, hmm. Don't think so! Silver tells the story how in 8th grade she and Naomi were best friends and that's why they have matching tattoos. Really? Seriously? Tattoo in 8th grade? I'll at least say she has nice clothes :)

I don't remember Brenda's teeth being this far apart in the original. I searched high and low for a comparison pic, but it seems she wisely smiled sans teeth back in the day. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for a good old Brenda temper tantrum where she yells at everybody for not understanding her and/or doing her wrong. Good times.

Kelly Taylor. True to her roots--gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

Aunt Becky sure has come a long way. From Nebraska to San Francisco, from Kansas to Beverly Hills. Them farm girls sure do clean up good.

Ah, the good old days. My first introduction to Rob Estes was on USA's smash hit, Silk Stalkings. Oh, how I loved that show. Hot detectives and mysterious Palm Beach crimes committed by the wealthy and privileged. I can't say I love him as much I did back then, but he's still pretty easy on these peepers.

Overall, the drama was good times. I'm not really sure about how hot these kids are, though. Annie seems to be a little too Kansas and lacks that "Brenda" edge that was previously brought from the Midwest. Ethan/Ty as the Dylan/Brandon hot boys leaves something to be desired. Cute, yes, but not hot. Naomi plays a great spoiled-little-rich-girl-who-is-really-sensitive-deep-down-inside. We'll see how she continues to unfold. Rumor has it that Kelly's baby-daddy is actually Dylan, so perhaps we'll get a little brooding Luke Perry action later on in the season. I'll probably keep watching until it gets completely ridiculous. And then I'll just lie about watching. :)

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