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Alphabet List.

Another fun list, via Apartment tbd, etc

A. attached or single? happily attached.

B. best friend? yes. you know who you are :)

C. cake or pie? I'm going with pie on this one. So many more flavors all entangled together in one little dish.

D. day of choice? Hmm...I like Sunday because it is a day that justifies laziness. But I also enjoy Saturday because it's my first work-free day of the weekend and I still have Sunday left to look forward to.

E. essential item? the internet. (is that an item?) My hubby is fully aware of my addiction.

F. favorite color? pink pink PINK!!! Pink clothes, pink post-its, pink shoes, pink accessories. It's my happy color.

G. gummy bears or worms? neither. Swedish Fish all the way!

H. hometown? West Palm Beach, FL. I'm tropical to the core.

I. favorite indulgence? Spa treatments. Fave is facials, next is massage. Pedicures are good during budget crunches.

J. january or july? July, even though it's super hot here in Florida. But it's my birthday month, so that totally makes up for the heat :)

K. kids? nope. still thinking that one through...

L. life isn’t complete without? my hubby, my fave lady, and snuggles from my best nephew

M. marriage date? 10/15/05. Chosen due to convenient timing and my nerdy numbers nature...all of those numbers are related and divisible by 5. Plus, it just sounded like a nice wedding date. I know, I'm a nerd.

N. number of brothers and sisters? 1 big brother. He is purposely very contrary, but I love him anway. :)

O. oranges or apples? apples! with peanut butter!

P. phobias? hmm, making the wrong decision. that's a big one.

Q. quotes? tons! I subscribe to Real Simple's Thought for the Day. Here's a favorite:
"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."
Maya Angelou

R. reasons to smile? great hubby, great friends, nice house, fun (mostly) workplace.

S. season of choice? Spring! Fresh colors, fresh air. A beautiful time.

T. tag 5 people: My fave bloggers! You are My Fave, I Heart You, Scented Glossy Magazines, Sarah's Fab Day

U. unknown fact about me? that's a pretty broad question. since you probably don't know much at all about me, just ask away!

V. vegetable? what's that? no thanks.

W. worst habit? hmm, going online too much? eating food i know is bad for me.

X. x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasounds are way cooler because they have sound.

Y. your favorite food? sushi, pizza. definitely not together, though

Z. zodiac sign? Leo.

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