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Emmy's Roundup: Hits!

This is obviously the best and my favorite part. The hits! It's all love now, baby!

Olivia Wilde: Wow. The wow factor. The sleeves, the bodice, the skirt, the pooling onto the carpet. Love it! Glamour.

Tina Fey: You gotta love when the smart girls are pretty, too! Elegant. Smashing. Gorgeous. Good for you, Tina!

Brooke Shields: Oh. My. Gawd. Pink? Pink?!! LOVE IT! I love HER for doing Barbie the RIGHT way. Perfect pink color, cute sweetheart neckline, beaded, brooched, ruffled, clutched, and curled. Perfect hair! Best dressed!!!

Patrick & Mrs. Dempsey: Totally geek to totally chic. Had to be said. The King and Queen of the carpet. I never understand when they review the best-dressed men, but this look makes me get it. I get it big time! Hot hot hot! Dare I say dapper? I dare--dapper!

America Ferrera: I love her for being such a cutie. You've also gotta love her for playing a character with "ugly" in her title. Cute hair, makeup, necklace, dress. I love the draping on the dress...makes a pretty black dress a fabulous one.

Christina Applegate: I adore that the extra material and embellishment is on the SIDE of the dress and not part of it. Genius. I'm really happy for her that she's pulled through. Stay strong!

Evangeline Lilly: This totally could have been antique drapes/lampshade gone wrong, but Lost's little vixen is working it! She exudes old world glamour. 

Kyra Sedgwick: This could have been longer, but so pretty!!! I like the stark white color with the luxurious jeweled detailing...even though the jewels look like they're groping her boobs...either way. :)

Lauren Conrad: This girl gets a gold star for taking a small MTV reality show and riding it to success. I'm obsessed with The Hills even though I know it's not really real. I always admire her perfect hair...does she use magic hairspray? And her skin/makeup are flawless. Apparently this dress is her own design. I do find it a bit reminiscent of Catherine Zeta-Jones' Oscar dress from when she was pregnant, least the skirt part. LC...have you been playing with Brody again? :)

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  1. my favorites: the very top dress and the very last dress (on LC). You really do have to hand it to Lauren, she always looks fab.


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