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Emmy's Roundup: Misses.

I think this year's Emmy's didn't go too much in either direction of Hit or Miss. Here are my picks for Misses:

Jennifer Morrison: She looks a little bit like she just forgot to start getting ready, woke up, and wrapped herself in a sheet to run out the door. 

Mary Louise Parker: Love her and love that she looks so smokin after her stupid-face boyfriend Billy Crudup left her pregnant to go run around with Claire Danes. That said, that blue is just not doing it. Would have loved some scarlet red to really rub it in his face. 

Eva Longoria-Parker: Love her, love her as Gabrielle, don't love that crazy ass bow. Don't love that multi-layered fringe or whatever it is. Come on lady. I know you can do better. 

Cynthia Nixon: Love love love Sex and the City. Love the turqoise color. Love her hair. Love the porcelain skin. Hate the lack of support. Her one boob looks all smashed down like it's gasping for air or something. 

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