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Old stuff.

Do you have any cherished items living in your closet? I definitely have some oldies but very goodies that live amongst my constant new purchases. I consider them to be go-to pieces that never let me down, always look great, and make me feel good doing so. You Look Fab recently listed her favorite Wardrobe Golden Oldies. What are yours?

1. 14 years old - my Simple Shoes suede-patchwork clogs. I’m in Florida, so I only get to wear them in “cold” weather. Love them. Get 10 compliments every time I wear them. (scared for them to finally wear out)

2. 11 years old - My Majorica pearls from Spain. I bought them while travelling there and still wear them regularly. Beautiful and very classic.

3. 27 years old - My baby pillow, “Bunnies”, that I still sleep with. It’s better than a teddy bear! I named it Bunnies because it used to have a pillowcase with little babies dressed up as bunnies. Yes, ingenious, I know. To all you fabric-philes out there, I'm still looking to replace that pillowcase! (While I realize this one doesn't really count, it's still my go-to comfort piece)

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