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Free Stuff!!!

Ok, kinda free, but not really, but still sorta free. The library!!! You can borrow books, videos, and cd's for free! I stopped using the library shortly after college. I guess I just forgot about it...that, or I was just trying to block it out because of all the studying and whatnot. Every time I get obsessed with a new hobby (I'm pretty fickle, so this actually happens more often than you'd think. Currently, I'm onto sewing and quilting. Family hint: guess what you're getting for Christmas! lol) I hop on the library's website, put a hold on the books I want, and *poof* there they are waiting for me at the front desk. I don't even have to find them on the shelves anymore!

What's funny is that it seems many others have caught onto this great resource. No matter what time I go, the library is always packed! I guess the downtrodden economy is stimulating the library more than the bookstores. Go figure! :)

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