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I am a cliche.

It's official. I've become a cliche. All this time I've been able to resist the lure of the delicious coffee, but I have fallen victim. "Bucky's" (as my friend Chris calls it) makes a mean cup of cocoa! I've been loving the White Hot Chocolate and today got the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. It's all Jill's fault. I blame you for taking me there. Although, Bucky's certainly doesn't beat what must be just melted chocolate in Williams-Sonoma's hot chocolate. Mmm....delish!


  1. I got looped into Starbucks again and I'm now in love with the new stoppers they have. No more slipped coffee in my car!

  2. Hot chocolate's become a staple for breakfast this week...the kids are hooked. Everytime I dump that nestle powder into a mug it flashes me right back to NJ winters!


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