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Was it good for you?

My girl Paige over on I *Heart* You posted about this. It's a pic from the Rebecca Minkoff site promoting their line. So cute. A bag really can be a girl's best friend.

I've totally felt this way about a bag. I learn their proper names and call them that. My LV Speedy is "Speedy." I'd love to add my girl Abby from Gucci to my collection, but alas, I'm playing it conservative. So for now I just walk by the window and gawk at her and say hello.

What bags are you lusting after?

1 comment:

  1. oh many...there's the:
    - zagliani 'puffy'
    - classic quilted chanel purse with chain straps
    and something by marc jacobs....ahhh to have lots of extra money :)


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