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Ok, now admittedly I usually can't get past the jawline on this one (come on, you thought it, too!). But I'm completely fixated on this dress. I love the plummy color and the little jewel buckle. It's feels very reminiscent of another dress in my memory, but I can't quite put my finger on it....something white, a blonde actress wore it. Any help??

This one I was a little uncertain about at first, but I just love the clean white color and the couture feel that the draping at the waistline has. I also liked that the necklace was very unexpected. I nice contrast to the diamonds one would normally see with this look.

I would be happier if I could take away the Marilyn tattoo here, but she is just amazing. The dress is beautiful and she just pulls it off like nobody else. I need to hire this girl's trainer because holy cow. Either that or just stop eating all together.

The best for last. Love her, love the dress. This was one of my faves because it's so pure and clean (like Eva Mendes'), but the gathering at the bust is to-die-for! It's bananas. It reminds me of my wedding bouquet...a big bundle of jumbo calla lily's. I DIE. Bonus points for amazing's a wonder she didn't tip over with her leg in that position!


  1. I loved Eva's.

    I just had to say your comment on the Liz Claiborne collection was hilarious.

  2. Hi, Elena! I am Elena Roscoe too.
    I am from Russia. Now I live in Germany in Hanover.


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