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Big fat ego, much?

I would like to preempt this post by stating that I do, of course, realize that by talking about this subject at all that I am promoting something I do not support....big fat egos.

Ok, so what is the deal with everything being preceded by "Tyler Perry's"? Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Tyler Perry's Madea does something else silly. Seriously? I get it. It was your idea, you produced it, you're the mastermind behind the genius that is humor and silliness. Are you really that insecure that your name has to be plastered all over everything? In my very mature way, I have decided to boycott because I see no reason for the name-plasterfication. That's right. It's a word and I made it up.

I guess I should just take this as a lesson: promote yourself and your all-important being at all times, no matter what. I'll change this blog to Elena's Breakfast for Dinner. My desk at work will be Elena's Desk in the Marketing Department. I may even post a little sign on my headboard that says Elena's Side of the Bed; you know, just in case hubby forgets.

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