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Sunday Workday

Inspired to start on my Spring to Finish list for the Tallgrass Prairie Studio challenge, I sat down last Sunday to work on some pretty new bags that have been shooting me guilt-inducing looks since I started them last August(!). I had 4 of them that were about halfway done, so it was a nice way to dip my toe into the pool, so to speak.

Sunday workday - before
Here are the 2 handbags that were waiting for lining, pockets, and straps.

Sunday workday - in progress
Here they are all pinned up and almost ready for their hand-baggy lives!

Sunday workday - results!
And here is the happy little handbag family! Mommy and Daddy tote bags in the back, with brother and sister down in front. Don't they look so happy?!
What have you been working on?


  1. These are too cute! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog; keep up the beautiful work!


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