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I think I'm sick...with Hexagon fever!

It's official...I've caught hexagon fever! It is darn contagious!

After just a couple of minutes on Melanie's blog, Texas Freckles, I was hooked! She makes it seem so simple, that the daunting task of creating 1200 of these little guys somehow goes into denial.

My first stack!
So I quickly put together a little kit and churned out 22 of the little guys yesterday. Here they are, in all their macro shot, stacked up glory. Ah, so pretty.

My first stack!
Ooh, a shot using depth of field! These hexies are fancy! lol

Hexagon Kit
Here's my little kit. Can you tell I used to sell Tupperware?!
I cut up all of my stash, and even created my own charm packs to cut and swap...all before I even made 1 little hex!
While I know this is a stashbusting project, I may or may not have ordered half a dozen charm packs just so I would have something to swap with the girls on Flickr. I like joining in!

I have 26 as of today...where is your hexie count?

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  1. that's so nice of you! and very organised too! welcome to the addiction...


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