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Sewing Room Redo: Shelving

So if you haven't already figured it out, I'm an organization nerd. But as I am with most things, I'm an interesting hybrid; I'm very organized, but I'm also very lazy. So things don't always stay as organized as one might hope. I always take those personality tests and decor style quizzes and I always always always come up right in between 2 different results. I suppose it's my wretched flexibility!

Below are some of my favorite shelving options from my Flickr favorites. You might notice that many of them have that fabulous Ikea Expedit shelving. So handy! I love how there are so many options for your own room configuration, and apparently they sell modular baskets and containers that fit perfectly in each cubby. Alas, my room has no space for that right now, so maybe in my next house. I also snuck in a couple of pics from actual shops...that's not really sewing room shelving, but hey, a little fabric eye candy never hurt anybody.

Favorite Shelving

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