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Field Trip :: Ikea!

So my girl Raygan and I have both been curious about the Ikea phenomenon, especially since we got our very own store....well, a good 45 minutes away, but nevertheless it's "ours." Let's take a peek at the chronicles of our adventures:

Ikea (2)
I wasn't there but 5 minutes and I was already testing out chairs. This one definitely passed the lounge test, and at only $250, what a steal!

Ikea (4)

Ikea (6)
What a pretty dresser, just waiting to be accessorized and jazzed up with a colorful family of sewn goodies!

Ikea (12)
Gorgeous lady in a gorgeous kitchen! I simply adore the white cabinets, and I will have it be known that a white kitchen is my dream. It's the perfect backdrop for colorful Heather Bailey dishtowels, aprons, oven mitts, and more! My head is spinning with future possibilities.

Ikea (13)
Cute gallery idea! I love the repeat of the same print, a la Andy Warhol, but it certainly has potential for a great multi-image gallery. Perhaps a showcase of favorite completed quilts or other projects? Maybe my hexie ladies could make some 12" hexies to fill up those frames?!!! Did I just blow your mind with that suggestion, because I know I'm thinking about it!

Ikea (14)
Hmm, just me being childish with a toilet brush. I like me some potty jokes. My nephews pretty much love me.

Ikea (15)
What IS with the bathroom people being so stiff and outliney? We decided to liven them up a bit.

Ikea (16)

Ikea (17)
Ok, now am I the only one who glanced at this and saw a mom being told to throw her child on the ground? No? Just me? Did I misinterpret the illustrated instructions? Oh well.

Ikea (18)
My lady Raygan was very pleased with Ikea's tree-hugging mentality. Those Swedes...first they invent Swedish Fish candy and now this. I knew I liked them.

Seriously?! All the shopping carts have those directional wheelies on all 4 wheels!!! The stupid thing kept going diagonally! Check it out. Lots of fun.

Au revoir, Ikea...or, well, Hej da, as the case may be. We had a great time, followed all your directive arrows, and each picked up some much needed accessories. As soon as I find the elusively perfect shelves for my new jar display, I shall share with all.

Thanks for touring with us! How do you like Ikea?

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