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Urban Home Goods Swap

Urban Home Goods Swap #3 - Inspiration Mosaic

I am over the moon to be participating in the { Urban } Home Goods Swap #3! When they did one this past Fall, I was so sad to be busy prepping my shop for the holidays. Here is my inspiration mosaic for my secret partner.

I'm really hoping for something fabulous to spruce up my sewing room. Plus, that's really the only space I get to do whatever silliness I want with. I've really been loving all the mini-quilts, pillows, and hoops I've seen from other swaps. My fellow crafters are really quite talented! I'm frequently left in awe as I go through all the latest Flickr uploads.
Our cutie-cute new puppy Seamus seems to like dangling objects, so as much as I'd looooove to brighten up the kitchen, towels, runners, mats, and aprons just won't fit into our new lifestyle around here at Casa del Roscoe.

I really can't wait to get my partner so I can start stalking and scheming colors, prints, and goodies!

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