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Embroidery Hoop Display

So I'm strolling around the mall with my mom when I about jumped out of my flip flops and stopped dead in my tracks...embroidery hoops in the middle of the mall?! Outside the crafts store? And in the window at Tiffany & Co??!! I was stunned, to say the least.

Can you believe this gorgeousness?

Tiffany & Co display
I seriously thought this had to be machine made, but upon closer inspection, it really looks like someone with very meticulous hands and 20/20 vision did this by hand. So perfect. And I just adore how the thread connects from the hoop to the wooden spools.

Tiffany & Co display

Tiffany & Co display

"L" is for love at first sight....of these hoops!

Ready for the heartbreaking story?
I decided that I had to have one of these hoops, so I went inside to see what I could do. I asked the salesman what they do with them when they're done; he said "we destroy them." I laughed and said, no really, what do you do with them. Total deadpan, stone face, he repeats "we destroy them." I informed him that he had broken my heart. He stared at me.
Apparently it's a corporate identity protection thing. I think it's a travesty thing. But I have heard of other stores destroying displays for similar reasons, so I guess c'est la vie. I'll get over it.

Have you seen any amazing displays lately?


  1. Wow!!!!!!! I would have stopped in my tracks as well! So beautiful !!!!

  2. These are gorgeous! I like to hand stitch, but I don't know if I have the patience to do something that delicate.


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