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Rainbow Charm Swap

Surprise! I'm hosting an enormous, gigantic, fantabulous rainbow charm swap! I've been thinking of doing one for a while now, but when Kati's From the Blue Chair swap filled up so quickly, and I missed out, I thought I better start another one to give myself and others a chance. A huge mega thank you to Kati for her help in setting this up and for letting me steal her verbiage :)

Added bonus: to make buying 5 yards a little less painful, the lovely Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics has offered a 15% discount for swappers! If you haven't already, you must check out her shop. She has a tremendous variety of beautiful fabrics. Thank you, Brenda!

Pink Castle Fabrics

The swap signups will open on this blog this Friday, March 9 at Noon eastern time.

We will be swapping FIVE yards of charms. Go big or go home, right? The colors will be the 12 basic colors from the color wheel plus black & white prints and grey. There are slots for 56 participants.

Here's the rundown:

  • Each participant will be assigned ONE color. You must buy five different yards of fabric in that color (varying shades are appropriate such as a pink fabric for the red group). You will then cut these into 5" charms, sort them and ship to me (I will provide very specific instructions on how to sort). One yard must be a solid, the other four yards will be prints. A self-addressed-stamped envelope must be included (a priority envelope will be the best option for the amount of fabric being shipped).
  • You must be on Flickr and agree to participate in the swap group. There will be discussion groups for each color assignment. You will be paired with three to five other participants with the same color assignment. You are expected to work together as a group to choose the best fabrics for your color and avoid duplication.
  • Quilt shop quality fabric only. The only exception is Kona brand solids from Jo-Ann's or Hobby Lobby. Large scale fabrics are not appropriate unless they are tone on tone or white on tone. Prints may include additional colors as long as they do not detract from the target color.
  • You will send me 5 sets of 56 charms and receive 280 different charms back.
  • There is no fee for US participants, but you must include a SASE with adequate postage. I recommend a padded Flat Rate envelope which is just $5.30 each way.
  • The shipping fee for Canadian swappers is $14.00 USD. The shipping fee for participants from any other country outside the US is $18.00 USD. International swappers may purchase fabrics from a US vendor and have them shipped directly to me. I will cut and sort your charms for a $10.00 fee. All fees are billed through PayPal.
  • US swappers must ship to me by Monday, April 9. Swappers from any other country must ship by Monday, April 2.
  • The link to sign up for the group will post here this Friday, March 9 at Noon EST. If you aren't available to register at this time, please make arrangements for a friend to register for you. I anticipate the group will fill quickly, as Kati's filled in just 5 minutes and I know there are people from hers waiting to sign up. (Information required includes name, email, mailing address, flickr photostream link, & paypal email for those outside the US).


  1. Hallelujah! I was so sad to miss out on Kati's. I will be sitting beside my computer anxiously awaiting the sign up!

  2. Me too! I'm in Australia though so I might have to take you up on that $10 ship direct to you option!

  3. So excited to find a swap! I always seem to stumble across them when they have already opened and filled. I will be teaching my delightful 7th graders when this opens, so hopefully my husband will be able to sign me up. Thank you for organizing this!

  4. Waiting, waiting....hit...send!


  5. I would love to participate--just wondering though--if I send money to cover delivery confirmation, would you be willing to add that to my package? (I have had a few things that never arrived at my house...)

  6. All signed up, hoping I made the cut!


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