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The Hills: Caption Style.

So you may have noticed a particular theme running throughout this episode. I'll go ahead and let you pick it out from my original captions below. Once you get all the actual talking out of the way, this is pretty much what happened.

Part 1:

Audrina: "Hey Justin. What are you doing here?"
Justin: "Well, I treated you like crap, so you started seeing some other guy. Now I've decided that he's way too nice to you, so I'll play head games and take you back so I can treat you like crap again. Tell me, are you gonna be THAT stupid and take me back?"

Audrina: "Oh, Justin! OF COURSE I'm that stupid! I WILL take you back! Being treated well has no "edge" and isn't very much fun."

Cory: "Seriously? Seriously? Are you kidding me?"

Audrina: "No, I'm not kidding. I'm pretty stupid and have no feeling of self-worth, so naturally I feel like I should give Justin another crack at treating me like crap. It's only fair."

Cory: "Well, I guess you're right. You are pretty dumb because I'm a nice guy who buys you cute little koala bears and treats you well. *head cocked to the side* I sure feel sorry for you."

Chiara: "Wow. Seriously? Really? Because you know Cory was nice and Justin is not. You get that, right? Ok, just checking. Mmm hmm, yeah. You're pretty stupid."

Audrina: "Yeahhhhhhh. I am. Now I'm back to being myself and being sad and distraught about Justin Bobby."

Part 2:

Cameron & Stephanie: *Thinking*"Uh oh, it's Brody. He's a meanie who makes me cry."

Steph: "Ok babe, now's your chance! There's Brody. Now you can go talk to him and straighten him out about being a meanie."
Cameron: "Uh, yeah, ok. Maybe in a minute. (I'm not really gonna because I'm not that stupid.)"

Spencer: "What?! He didn't stand up to Brody for you?"

Heidi & Spencer: "HAHAHAHAHA!!!! We told you so! We knew he wouldn't stand up to Brody for you. You're stupid."

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