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Whirlygiggle Quilt :: Started!

Thanks to Amy over on Amy's Creative Side and her One Thing One Week Challenge, I got the motivation I needed to finally get started on my Whirlygiggle quilt! The Challenge instilled a sort of "homework" attitude in me, so when I woke up on Sunday morning, I knew I had a deadline I had to meet. Otherwise, I probably would have kept browsing the movies On Demand.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt
This is my stack of pieces I cut out way back in March when I was originally inspired to make this quilt. These have sat very lonely in my "in progress" drawer since then.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (1)
And here is the first one I laid out after I had cut all the pieces, as I was so excited I couldn't wait to see how they'd look. How I went from excited to waiting 4 months to start I'll never know.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (3)
My first sewn stack! It was lots of sew, open, press. Repeat. As apparently quilting tends to be.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (8)
My first stack pressed open! This is when I can honestly say I knew I wouldn't be able to stop, and powered through the rest of the afternoon.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (14)
Pretty pile of scraps from the first trim.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (21)
Itty bitty, teeny weeny scraps from the second trim.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (22)
Fun! A little chain-pieced garland! I suddenly see why those little bunting garlands are so popular.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (32)
This is when I get artsy and start using the macro feature on my camera.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt (29)
My blocks are all DONE!!! I'm so excited, I can't believe I actually made it this far in just one afternoon! Funny thing: I went back to our bedroom and announced to my hubs that my squares were all done....he said, "ok, that's nice. What does that mean?" So cute.

All in all, I can honestly say that were it not for this challenge, I really don't know how long these pieces would have sat in a drawer. I'm so pleased with how much I was able to get done and with how well it all turned out. I met my goal for the week and already know my new goal for this week: finish piecing this quilt top! Woohoo for productive weekends!!!

What did you get done this weekend? Lots? Nothing, but relaxed? Share! :)


  1. Looks amazing! I'm putting a Whirlygiggle quilt on my "To Do" list. Great job!!!

  2. Oh what a great quilt! I love your color combination so light an airy! I think I may have to try this whirlygig quilt too!
    Thanks for sharing and congrats on completing your goal for the week!

  3. Lovely start to your quilt top. The colors are so beautiful. I completely understand the way you start to enjoy a quilt after a certain point.

  4. Congrats on getting a great start to your quilt! Love your fabric choice!

  5. Looks beautiful! I love the colors. I can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Isn't it amazing how a challenge makes you 'do' things. And then it makes you happy all over because you tackled and finished it! Had the same great experience with Amy's challenge. Congrats to your beautiful blocks!

  7. Yay! You really got busy - I love these blocks, those fabrics are adorable in this patter!


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