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Hexagons :: Swap Time!

I had a fantastic time doing the hexagon swap over on Flickr. The girls were all amazing, and here's what I received to prove it! Thanks Kelly!

Hexie Swap - my partner (2)
There's nothing I love more than a fab package in the mail, especially one wrapped up so nice! On the other side of the card it says real small "made for you by Kelly" and then space for a note. So cute! Where did you get these, girl?

Hexie Swap - my partner (4)
And this is what I found when I opened it! Gorgeous! I was so excited to receive one of the cutie-cute pieces I had commented on in the photostream.

Hexie Swap - my partner (7)
I absolutely adore the hand-embroidery. It totally makes this little bag, nevermind the super cute surprise lining. It immediately jumped into my bag where it houses my new knockoff aviators from NYC. My hubs calls them my Officer Poncharello sunglasses. I just love them.

Hexie Swap - my partner (10)
Cute hexies! A few of these I recognize, but I love that I don't know what most of these are. Fun surprises to mix up my charm quilt.

Hexie Swap - my partner (12)
The obligatory macro shot. :)

Hexie Swap - my partner (13)
The whole kit and kaboodle. The best!

Have you started making hexies yet? You should. It's addicting. And join a swap. Those are addicting, too.


  1. Hi there! Yep I have just started on the Hexie addiction, caught if from Texas Freckles .... I don't think there is a cure .... do you?
    I think you are very fortunate to have such a fabulous parcel sent :0)
    Enjoy doing what you are doing!
    Val Oxfordshire UK

  2. i love the hexies and that little bag. too cute!

  3. Hey Elena! I missed this post somehow. Glad that you liked the package :) The little cards came from They've come in handy the more swaps I find myself getting drawn into.


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