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Fabric Friday :: Fave Store Edition

If you haven't been over to Lanie Jane Fabrics yet, you are doing yourself a great disservice. JoAnne is absolutely the sweetest, most darling lady and has an extremely well-curated shop. She's got a wide array of bright gorgeous fabric, and has a great selection of pre-made charm packs as well as ones she's created herself. Just take a look at what I've gotten from her fab shop:

Charms all spread out
Gorgeous! Amazing charm packs, full of the bright colors I love and adore. Exactly what my hexagon charm quilt needs.

Charm pack stack
Happy stacks of squares! Who could ask for anything more?

Charm pack goodness
Obligatory macro shot. :)

Charms to cut
A big giant pile of super fabulousness! I love love love it!

Have you been to see Lanie Jane yet? No? Then you better get a move on and head over there!


  1. Man, these are gorgeous! She does have a nice shop. I am going to order some from her. Which packs are your favorite? The turquoise one looks fab.

  2. Fabrics to feast your eyes on! You seem to have it all in the States, patchwork shops as you know them, just don't exist in UK. I visited one in Black Mountain NC once and I was totally amazed!
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK


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