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What's the deal?!

moon and stars in gold

Ok, so let's start off by saying that I've been anticipating the release of Heather Ross' Far Far Away II as much as everyone else. Unfortunately for me, I hopped on board the Heather Ross train a bit late and missed out on the whimsical cute gorgeousness that is the Lightning Bugs collection. I'll deal. So I was super excited to get in on her latest collection on the front end and not pay $40 for a fat quarter on Etsy.

I went to my fave couple over at Hawthorne Threads to stock up with a 1/2 yard of each print, with plans to make the uber cute Sand Castles pattern and then have some left over for something else, as I'm totally scared of this collection running out, which it is already. No joke, as I'm filling up my cart, the above print went from multiple yards in stock to 0! They're currently sold out of just 3 prints, but they're all the little moons or the roses. What's the deal? What's the fixation on those? I would have thought the princess castle prints would have gone faster.

So here's my "what's the deal?": How do you go about picking and ordering fabrics and certain prints? What's your fabric shopping style? Why are people getting the small printed roses from FFA and not the more elaborate prints? Hmm...

Sand Castles by Chasing Cottons
The Sand Castles pattern. The quilt that ignited my need to pull the trigger on the FFA purchase. What are you waiting for? Go buy the pattern and get cracking! :)


  1. Hi Elena, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment on my blog pointing me to an interesting and very useful site, I have saved it for special attention!
    The sandcastle quilt is fabulous! but it looks a little too complicated for me! It makes me smile :0)
    Have a lovely day,
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  2. Hello Hello.... I must have been living under a rock and just found your blog!! Its Fabulous!! Thanks so much for blogging about me! xxx This quilt is finally finished... ill have the final pics up on my site tonight...i hope! xx


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