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Hand Embroidery and a Baby Shower

Last Saturday I went to the highly anticipated baby shower for my friend, Kristin. This is her first, and she's really the first in our group to have a baby, so it's very exciting for everyone. She's a complete doll, so she's going to make an amazing mommy.

I was so inspired by my new hobby of hand embroidery that I decided her baby girl, Addison, just had to have something custom-made and hand-personalized by her Aunt Elena.

Hand embroidered baby pillow
You know how you buy a fabric and it just sits around waiting for the right project? This pink swiss dot fabric was just that. I've had it for at least a year, waiting for the perfect princess to enjoy it.

Hand embroidered baby pillow
Thanks to the Little Miss Shabby stitch-along, I've mastered the back stitch and french knot, as evidenced here. I was thrilled to find the perfect shade of pink floss in my stash and had such a great time stitching this out. The font is called Halo Handwritten and is free on

It's in the "handwriting" section of the script fonts and I just love those! Less fancy dancy than the real scripts, but more dressed up than the plain text.

Pink and aqua baby blanket
Since the room is pink and aqua, with pink polka dots, I couldn't resist making Addison a snuggly little blankie to match her room. She can also take it with her, so she always has her stylish decor on the go.

Baby gift set
Gift set together.

Ready for gifting...
....packages tied up with string.......

Pretty AND delicious!
Pretty cupcake, delicious cupcake. It was this ultra moist yellow cake and I loved it. YUM.

Diaper cake centerpieces
Giant diaper cake centerpieces accented each table, and they were all unique. Little Addison is going to start out with plenty of diapers and accessories!

Happy mommy, Kristin, with her new goodies.

Me and the happy mommy
Me and the happy mommy. Great shower, great mommy, can't wait to meet great baby.


  1. Beautiful hand stitching. I love handwriting fonts too.

    What a lovely gift. Perfect for a baby girl.

    I'm a new follower!

  2. Hi. Do you happen to recall the name of the fabric you used for that beautiful blanket?

  3. It's Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection, in Wash Day Ticking in pink


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