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Sew Modern Monday :: Learn as You Go

Super excited with my finishes this week, even if they did take me longer than usual. It was my first time making either, so a learning curve was definitely involved.

Market Tote
My new Market Tote!
I made this bright little lady to take shopping with me at Sewing Summit next week(!!!)
The pink and green were an easy choice, despite Fall just having arrived. You see, there are no seasons in South Florida, so this will do the trick year-round.

Market Tote

Market Tote
Here you can better see my first serious attempt at French Seams!
I was reading the great Back to School series over at Sew Sweetness, where Angela from Cut to Pieces did a guest post on French Seams. She made this same bag, so I went for it!

I modeled mine after Angela's and followed the styling of the Jane Market Tote, but created my own pattern to suit the type of shopping I would be doing...fabric! The base is the perfect size for a store-folded stack of fabric.

I learned a lot making this bag. I was so eager to reinforce it for heavy loads that I originally used fusible fleece on BOTH the outer and the lining. BIG mistake! That made my French seams about 2 inches wide!
So I reduced it to 1 layer of fusible and moved on. The French seams all the way around, with the fusible fleece, have made a really strong base that doesn't sag, even with a lot inside.

Market Tote
The back side.

Market Tote
The inside.
I added one large pocket for either phone or wallet.

Christmas stockings
These are a little early, but will perhaps inspire some more.
I made these for a bridal shower last weekend, where the wedding is in November, so the couple will have their first Christmas this year. It was a lot of fun to see all the holiday goodies, and believe it or not, the stores are already stocking ornaments!

Christmas stockings
I thought it would be fun to do Mr. and Mrs. instead of their actual names.
I hand embroidered these on the cuffs, using a stem stitch that I learned as I went. I seriously kept repeating the video as I went along, until I got the hang of it.

There are a ton of great embroidery guides out there, but this video really helped me. Over on Needle 'n Thread.

Christmas stockings
Mrs! These were really fun to make.

What have you been working on? Be sure to link up with Sew Modern Monday!

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations


  1. Cutest stockings ever! And I love your market bag.

  2. Love the bag, and love those stockings. I need to make some so we aren't using $1 store ones for the kids again this year.

  3. Your market bag is very cute, as are the stockings! Your stitching looks fabulous! I would have never guessed that you just learned it.

  4. Love the market bag and the stockings! I have a pattern on my desk right now for 4 stockings for my family. Hopefully, they will be done for Christmas!

  5. Super cute stockings - LOVE the embroidery, wow!
    And your bag is so bright and fun!

  6. I just tried French seams for the first time, too... not so hard! I love your little embroidered stockings. They make me want to start Christmas crafting immediately. :)

  7. LOVE your market bag--can't wait to see it in person! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  8. Love your bag Elena. I definitely want to try french seams. I love a tote that stands by itself.
    The stockings are adorable!

  9. I love the market bag - it is so cheerful! Also the stockings are great.

  10. The bag is awesome- love the green fabrics!

    Killer stockings too- adorable!

  11. That bag is fantastic! Love the colors and fabrics your chose.

  12. LOVE those stockings! My littlest brother is getting married Dec 17th & they just moved into their new house this weekend. These would be *perfect* for them! I am going to scour my stash to see if I have enough of something that will work. I love how yours are the same print in different colours. And doesn't scream "Christmas!". Seriously, perfection.

  13. cute stockings! Did you follow a pattern or just did it on your own!?


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